Read Only PDF DynaDPFMBS

Does anyone know what the parameters are for saving a PDF in read-only format using DynaPDF?

(The only help file I can find is in ‘C’ conventions…)

So Im looking for something like

call pdf.closefileex(nil, nil,40,dynapdf.k??? )
I cant find suitable constants in the popup autocomplete

Please check “Create PDF with restrictions” example database.

dim flags as integer

flags = BitwiseOr(flags, pdf.krsPrint) // forbit printing
flags = BitwiseOr(flags, pdf.krsModify) // forbit modifying
flags = BitwiseOr(flags, pdf.krsAddObj) // forbit adding annotations
flags = BitwiseOr(flags, pdf.krsCopyObj) // forbit copying content

Call pdf.CloseFileEx("", "Hello", pdf.kkl128bit, flags)
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