Read Morse Code

Would like the simplest possible way to detect the presence or absence of signal on the audio input line (MacOS 10.13 +).

Nothing fancy.

Just: is there input signal or not.

Anyone know a way to do this?

The easy way would be to send the input directly to a raw audio (.aiff) file, then open it and process it in your application. However, I assume you’d probably like to decode the Morse in real time. To do this, you’ll need access to low level MacOS audio routines. Probably “AudioQueue”

I don’t know if anyone has made a Xojo plug-in to access AudioQueue. If not, then you’d need to use declares to access the routines from your Xojo app.

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I believe the MBS Audio plugin can do this, hopefully @Christian_Schmitz will be along to provide more info.