read and search for a value in a file

Hi all,

I just work with my Raspberry Pi with a log-file which is updated each minute. Could someone help me with the code to read the content of the file and search for the right value in it? Furthermore, I should save the data which are read in a database.

Thank you very much.

To read a file, use FolderItem
To save values into a db, use the Database Class
What database do you want to use?
Yo can use InStr to search for a string.

Thx for your help Albin!

But how can I convert the FolderItem to a string? Because in the “temp1.txt” file is the word “temperature” stored and after it is a unknown value which I have to read and store in the table.
I think I will use a MySQL database.
Here is me current code:

  dim s as string
  dim f as FolderItem
  f= GetFolderItem("temp1.txt")

Look at TextInputStream in the documentation.