Read a Smart Card in Xojo

Does anyone have experience with reading smart cards? I want to read a smart card in Xojo via PC/SC or CT-API on MAC OS (Mavericks) and Windows (>XP).

I am just messing about with RFID (Cards/Fobs), and also NFC cards. The easiest devices seem to be those that just fill the keyboard buffer/clipboard with their ID details, and XOJO quite happily reads them in a text field etc. There is also a piece of software that can ‘run in the background’ (Not Sure if Mac), that does more with the card data that XOJO can pick up using inter window processes (Windows Only). I have not yet got around to trying the monkeybread USB plugins that may also be useful.

Some websites that may assist;

i have an Smart Card Reader ACS. Model ACR38.
Never actually used it but perhaps i can find a way to make it working now.

Thanks for the replies. I want to read a german health insurance card (eGK). On the card is a zipped xml file with personal data (i.e. name, DOB, address). Some command have to send and after that the card answers. So I need to have a direct access to the smart card. Since yesterday I try to use the pcsc-ctapi-wrapper on Mavericks, but I’m not very familiar with Xcode and PC/SC.
I know the command set for the ct-api (an old standard common in germany for reading smart cards).
My idea was to use the pcsc-ctapi-wrapper (an open source project on source forge) via a soft declare instead of using a plugin.

I noticed in the SDK for ACS smart card readers, they simply use the OS API’s.
It should be possible to get some examples for Mac as well, you might find them online.

I have some VB declares here that are very simillar to Xojo (for windows only).