Re-running a web app.

New to Xojo Web not to Xojo Desktop. I have run the example applications successfully, but when I try and run them again I get …

Compilation of ‘untitled” failed,
A file system error occurred (#104) for “….”

Restarting the computer lets me run them once more.

I have checked and the the application isn’t currently running and the directory is writeable.

Could someone state the obvious for me!

Xojo 2016 r3
Many thanks.

Xojo does not erase properly the debug executable. You got to delete it manually, or to use a script.


Thank you. That solved it.

More properly, the System is not allowing Xojo to delete it.

Probably because Xojo is not using the right method. Otherwise, why would the script work ?

Wow. That packs a whole lot of arrogance and ignorance into one post. Not everything is xojo’s fault. I’ve been told this is not a Xojo specific issue by people that know a whole more about it than me. I believe there is an Apple rdar entry for this issue but I do not have that level of detail to share, or I would.

Call it arrogant and ignorant, I do not understand why almighty Xojo cannot delete a file when a pesky little script can. Apparently, they do not WANT to use that method.

Arrogance is what made possible airplanes, aerospace, computers, and so many major science advancement.

Ignorance is demonstrated by people saying “It cannot be done”.