RDS / TS - a local ini file..

More RDS joy.
I want to have a client config file., Rather than a user configuration file

I have looked at using the client name - which is probably unique (not 100% sure), and using that to creat a config file in the special folder

ie if a users is using RDS from client ie[computer23] , the program will use an config file that I write for that client, eg config_computer23.ini

if I use the special folder below
SharedPreferences which on windows is \ProgramData\

is there a better way to do this? I can find lots of ways to have a user config file, but I want the config file I make to be specific to that client .

The only problem I see with my way is that is 2 or more clients have the same client name on RDS they will get the same config file.


Off the top of my head include their logged on username as part of the filename.

But I want it to be machine dependent, I dont care who is logged on.


In the RDS Session the environment variable “CLIENTNAME” will tell you the name of the computer that connected.

bear in mind that you can (under certain conditions) have two computers connect with the same name though…

I was worried that may be the case. I hope that’s not common.

Im just going to parse the CLIENTNAME and use that as the name of a config file , see how that works.