RBVersion longevity

I am writing some classes I may want to distribute as encrypted classes… and would like them to be reasonably compatible with old IDE versions as we as future ones as much as possible … But to do that I need to use RBVersion because of of a few differences in older versions… XojoVersion won’t work.

RBVersion is deprecated so if I use it and it is removed, those classes would not work with Xojo…

is RBVersion likely to be around a long time? This is one RB thing I think should stay around LONG LONG time.

  • Karen

While only Xojo can say for sure, I would be very surprised if RBVersion is ever removed.

You could try using Feedback.app to put a “inquiry” type of report in about this question. I’d be interested in this, too, and I hope the answer is not something along the lines “we do not guarantee anything” - though I’m afraid this is what you’ll get.

RBVersion isn’t going away anytime soon.

Yay! It’s a great feeling to be proven wrong! :slight_smile:

Its like the “Realbasic” name space - which is also not going away ASAP.
Baked into a lot of code, yours & ours, already and we really don’t want to break it just for the sake of breaking it.

If you are using Namespaces with your encrypted code please be aware that there’s a serious bug with the version control format. http://www.bkeeneybriefs.com/2013/08/namespaces-and-encrypted-classes/

which is already fixed for a future version :stuck_out_tongue: