RBP+git with Arbed?

Ian, just read your comment about the RBP vs. XML+VCP license restriction, where you say that you’re using RBP with git.

Have you tried using Arbed for this task? I’ve written it to just serve this purpose, see here: http://www.tempel.org/Arbed/SmartGit

By now, other git clients might also support external tools. I know Tower does (though I still haven’t gotten to write a script to handle it, yet).

Why is this now a public post as well as a private conv? I had specifically posted this as a private conversation with Ian only. Then, when I got the usual “comms problem” error msg at the bottom, I pressed the very same “Post a Reply” once more. I guess that’s what caused the second post. But then I should now have two private convs with Ian, but I end up having only one private and one public conv on this now. This seems to be a bug in the forum system. Anyone taking notes?

If you get that communication banner, don’t reclick the post button. but rather reload that page. You’ll see that things worked as expected.

In fact, I got the banner on that post, typed Cmd-R, and all was normal with my reply visible.

Tim, yes, but that’s a different issue.
There are two things going on:

  1. (now well-known): despite getting the error, the post got posted (hopefully)
  2. If one posts the same msg twice, one ends up in public, even though it was originally marked private. - that’s the one that I asked to have looked at.