RBGZip.xojo_plugin error - No plugins loaded

I have been programming for about 2 hours and received the following Xojo Error:


I do not have any plugins loaded, and do not understand where the RBGZip.xojo_plugin error is from.

This is on Windows 11, Xojo 2022r2, no plugins in plugin folder.

Any helpful suggestions?

Edit: Only Xojo 2022.r2 is installed, and no other version of Xojo is on the computer

Please delete old built app.

Did you try restarting Xojo or rebooting?

That is obviously an internal plugin as Xojo does do GZiping

Looks file Xojo got confused.


Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately deleting old apps, folders, and Debug folders still had errors in Xojo.

Hi @KarenA,

Yes, your right. Xojo was confused. I cleaned my computer, rebooted, and Xojo is working again.

That was a weird error. :slight_smile:

it is likely that the debug app was still running in the background, locking the files causing the error.