Raspberry RAD - Create GUI Apps on Your Pi with Xojo!

How’s that for the title of a Xojo meetup? That’s all I have though; it needs a wiz-bang app to demo. Maybe an app to control a drone that would fly around the room and drop M&M’s on the audience.

I came here because I thought this was some kind of announcement.
What was the point of this post?

Sorry. It’s an idea for a meetup to promote Xojo that could be organized through Meetup.com.

How does attempting to promote XOJO using a non-existant Platform announcement benefit anyone?

At worst it would attract users, who would then leave in disgust once they realized that PI support does not exist

Because it would take place in the future? After the announced Pi support has been completed?

Read the terms before you post

There was NO announcement that the IDE would run on the Pi
Only that Pi would be a target you could build for from the IDE on Windows, OS X & Linux

Do you mean where it says “Discuss the Beta only in this Beta channel” because I didn’t actually say anything about the beta.

Sorry Norman. I wasn’t at XDC for the announcement, and I was thinking of the blog page (http://blog.xojo.com/2015/05/14/what_is_raspberry_pi/) where it says: “upcoming Xojo support for Raspberry Pi…” I didn’t stop to think what “support” might mean. Searching Xojo.com with a Google site search doesn’t turn up the official announcement either.


Ah, video. That explains why Google couldn’t find it. Thanks Norman.

I appreciate your enthusiasm BUT be aware that the title of this conversation is misleading

Maybe it should be “Imagine a future like - Raspberry RAD - Create GUI Apps on Your Pi with Xojo!”

Something that indicates this is a “wish list item” not an announcement of a product etc

I mean more like “Keep on topic” this is not what xojo is or can do.
Raspberry RAD? Xojo on your PI … It’s not possible and probably never will be.

Ofcourse if it where in beta or whatever he should not post but that’s not what this is about.

How about “for your Pi” instead of “on your Pi”

Looks like a winner!