Raspberry Pi with Dropbox or Google Drive or Similar?

Anyone know if there is a super simple service like Dropbox or Google Drive that works with Raspberry Pi?

I saw that some folks hacked together something for both Dropbox and Google Drive, but I’d like something as simple as possible.

I found a few options but haven’t tested any yet.

@Hal Gumbert

I’m guessing you are looking for an easy way to get your files onto your PI?

I just use my FTP client FileZilla and SFTP (SSH file transfer) to my PI.

I like using SFTP because I can transfer the files anywhere on the file system or throw that new shiny Xojo application onto the Desktop :slight_smile:

Dropbox requires no hacks. Just go to your account through the browser.

Actually, I’m trying to find a way to sync files with the Pi with something like dropbox.

Gotcha! That is a cat of a different color.

@Peter Fargo I like rainbow colored cats :stuck_out_tongue:

@Hal Gumbert ok sorry have not tried anything like that on PI yet

Thanks for the idea Brian. I could prob use SFTP to sync the contents from the server to the Pi!

Can’t you directly mount a directory that’s on your server/Pc/Mac with fstab?

There is also Netatalk. Or maybe even run owncloud on your Pi. http://pimylifeup.com/raspberry-pi-owncloud/

I have found using AFP real easy… You can add support for AFP on the Pi by installing “netatalk”… so:

sudo apt-get install netatalk

Once installed on the Pi, on your Mac just go to the Finder’s Go->Connect to Server and enter something like:


… use your Pi user name and password and your in.

Rsync does come to mind :slight_smile:

VNC(tightVNC) is what I use for remote access to my PI but there are other ways

Take a read at the PI Remote Access page for some ideas

there is also bonjour so you can call your raspberry with local name instead of by address

Wow… Thanks for all the great ideas! One other requirement is that I need the Pi to go fetch files. I won’t be able to easily push files to it…

James, with AFP, can the Pi mount a volume running on a Mac or is it just to make it serve files?

its linux - you probably have an ftp or sftp client on the pi already
could drive that from the shell or command line

I think cifs-utils is already included on Raspbian. You can mount to your OS X share using SMB.
If you put your mount in fstab, it’s always there when you boot up.

Here are some instructions: http://geeks.noeit.com/mount-an-smb-network-drive-on-raspberry-pi/

The entire Pi file directory is displayed in a Mac Finder window… you can just drag files from the Mac to the Pi or Pi to the Mac.

After I build my Xojo app on the Mac, I just drag it to the Pi… and then run it from there…

Additionally, I have installed “xrdp” on the Pi so I can use Remote Desktop to manage the Pi GUI and run my app from a window on the Mac… So essentially I am doing everything on my Mac… my Pi has no monitor, keyboard or mouse.

I’d go with rsync over ssh

I use BitTorrent Sync. Works with any device. Can work locally as well as with remote computers.

BitTorrent Sync

Note that unlike with mounting, a sync tool will actually copy the file. It will cost you disk space but the file is available even when the server isn’t.

In my case, Syncing will be perfect. I’ll test out all these great ideas this weekend! Thanks so much everyone!