raspberry pi unable to run the xojo project

Hi, i have build a linux program for raspberry pi 2. and transfer the builder folder to my raspberry pi2 thru winscp. but when i double click the executable file. a windows popup to ask me select an application to open"executable" files. How to solve it?

opps, i found that is permission issue. Problem solved. thank u

I have the same problem but when I change the permission, nothing appear on my screen. I use the latest Raspbian Jessie… Can you explain me how you run a executable with details please ?

Thanks If you read and reply

Terence, I am totally new to xojo and pi but using a Pi 3 and Pixel version after fixing permissions in properties I open the terminal window , navigate to the directory my app is in and run the sudo command to get it to run.
This article helps - http://developer.xojo.com/rpi-blinking-led-tutorial
I was able to get program to autostart with root permissions to bypass sudo but it is not recomended and is dangerous.
Hope that helps.