Raspberry Pi Plugin Packaging

I have made a Raspberry Pi plugin for Xojo. How do I package the Raspberry Pi Plugin so that the commands are seen on Windows? Do I need to create a bare-bones Windows plugin that contains only the names of the Raspberry Pi Plugin so that the user can use the IDE to autocomplete methods, and then compile the program to an ARM 32-bit that contains the functional plugin?

Would I also need to make a bare-bones Mac plugin so that the function names are present when programming on a Mac, and the final compiled Raspberry Pi program would contain the fully functional plugin?

Thanks for your guidance.

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You need to create Windows plugin also. Even if it does not make sense on Windows then you need to make empty stubs on Windows with exactly same interface towards Xojo.

(Basically need to make stubs for all platforms where the Xojo IDE exists on)

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Perfect. Thanks for the answer Bjorn :slight_smile: