Raspberry Pi paired-devices list

I’m trying to see the list of bluetooth paired-devices in Raspberry Pi 3 bluetoothctl using an XOJO shell but think I need to enter a CTRL-D to end the [bluetooth] conversation. Am I right, and if so, how do I send a CTRL-D? Sending CTRL-D works in the raspi terminal anyway.
Sorry, this is all pretty new to me so please be nice :wink:

Shell1.Execute("sudo bluetoothctl <<EOL)
(I have tried Shell1.Execute(“EOL”) with no success)
textArea1.text = Shell1.Result


Shell1.Execute("sudo bluetoothctl")  // command
Shell1.WriteLine("paired-devices")   // request + EndOfLine
// results
textArea1.Text = Shell1.Result
// send Ctrl-D
Shell1.Write(ChrB(4))   // or use Shell1.Close

Thanks John, you answered my question but I realize I asked the wrong one. Will start another thread.