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Having used Xojo on my Mac for quite some time now, and found it excellent, I’ve just bought a Raspberry Pi 400, and want to use Xojo to create an app or two.

To do this I really need to download the e-book Programming the Raspberry Pi with Xojo as a PDF, but all the links to this on the website fail - they just go back to the same page https://documentation.xojo.com/resources/programming_the_raspberry_pi_with_xojo.html
where the link is. If I click that link, it just goes round in a circle and comes back to the same page.

Can someone please tell me how to get the book!

Many thanks

The link (below) there works fine and downloads the pdf here (High Sierra / FireFox):


NP: I Open the link in another Tab… (to keep the page open).

Many thanks for the prompt reply.

Not totally straightforward to download from the email of your reply which I received, but I got there in the end & now have the book - wonderful!

Just tried in Edge on Windows 10: even though it stays on the same page, the PDF is downloaded . Look into the default download directory on your computer.

Thanks for this - I’m on Mac & Chrome, and it didn’t download. But I now have it using the previous reply - so thanks for your trouble

You know that you have Safari and you can use it exceptionally (if you do not like it)…

As I said earlier, the given link works fine. Here’s I am on M1 / Big Sur / Firefox (last versions) and the link works fine too.


The URL is WRONG, it has a double // where sit should only have one. It is a shame that Xojo only test this things in browsers that have a really small part in the marketshare.

Corrected URL:


The book is from 2017, many differences in languaje with recent Xojo releases with API 2, Old tutorials are virtually useless is you want to use API 2 only.

Anyway if you are going to use the PI like a desktop APP, it is ok, no need for a PI book, just do the same as any desktop app. BUT if you want to use the IO functionality, Xojo is not the way to go beyond blinking a led.

Thanks - all comments noted. As mentioned in earlier reply I did manage to download the book using Chrome running in Mojave, so all is well now - except of course that as you point out the book is no longer up to date.

I haven’t yet written anything in Xojo for the PI, but hope to give it a try before long - I’ll be aiming at something a bit more complex than the flashing LED!

Chrome on mac doesn’t allow opening http URLs from https page.

If you change the link from your original post from https to http, then you will be able to download the zip file directly.

If this happens to you again, you just need to copy the link, add the s to http or paste the link in a new window or tab, and chrome will allow you to download the file.

This same issue happens on Chrome for Windows, and Microsoft Edge for Windows.

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That’s something I didn’t know (not the only thing of course!). Many thanks for the info

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