Raspberry Pi / ARM support

I know that LLVM implementation has been promised / been worked on for some time. Since we are expecting a December 2013 release of iOS (ARM powered) support can we assume that good progress has been made on the ARM compiler? I’m just very curious because I love the Raspberry Pi (Linux OS, ARM powered) and was wondering if there are any plans to support it in the future and , if so, what a realistic time frame could be. Even just console-apps would be fine for me…

Xojo has made no public announcement regarding targeting the Raspberry Pi.

Ok, how about this: When will Xojo make a public announcement about targeting Raspberry Pi?

I can’t comment on unannounced announcements.

From a technical standpoint - how much work is involved in getting Xojo console apps to run on an ARM-based Pi running Linux compared to getting Xojo running on an iPhone?

Since we’re not announcing unannounced announcements all I can say is that we don’t have anything to announce or say.

Very political answer Norm.

Point taken :slight_smile:

I’am interested in Raspberry PI / ARM support too. Is there a feature request for that?

The closest I’ve seen is <https://xojo.com/issue/20284> is for ARM & Linux and many mentioned the Raspberry Pi.

Norman you made my day! :slight_smile:

Yip, <https://xojo.com/issue/21370>

AS much as I would like Rasberry Pi (And I would love it)

I dont think the company has the resources to support every platform.

i would prefer the effort go into cleaning out the feedback list.

Raspberry Pi is interesting and something we will be examining once we have ARM support working. Raspberry Pi is essentially Linux running on ARM so in theory, it wouldn’t require much effort to support at all. And I’ve been told that there’s no development tool like Xojo for it. So just wait and see.

Thanks Alwyn. I added it to my favorites.


Good to hear Geoff. Although everybody touts Python as the go-to-language for Python, I think Xojo is actually far easier to learn.

[quote=15743:@Garry Pettet]Favourited.

Good to hear Geoff. Although everybody touts Python as the go-to-language for Python, I think Xojo is actually far easier to learn.[/quote]
I would say, when you have write a GUI interface in Python, then it can be a bit complicated. But using Python in console mode, I find it same level as Xojo. But Python has much more Libraries to offer than Xojo.

I just wanted to bump this topic and see if there were any more unannounced and/or unnannounceable announcements re ARM and Raspberry Pi. I’ve been playing with one and it is the coolest thing since the IBM 360/91.

I’ve added Feedback Case #21370 to my favorites, but is there a specific brand of beverage or snack I should bring to XDC to help ply the developers?

Charles until they switch Xojo (not XojoScript) over to LLVM, then the chance is NIL. Once they switch to the new compiler, then we have a chance. I too have several PIs that I would kill to write Xojo apps for but having to deal with other languages right now.

To me it’s obvious, but it would be interesting Xojo’s opinion on this.

I believe Xojo would be great to create utilities for the Pi, but I don’t think the IDE itself would run acceptably in it (and, by extension, very large projects wouldn’t, either). Pretty much in the same way iOS support doesn’t mean the IDE could run acceptably there.

When we discuss about supporting the Pi (or ARM in general) we’re talking as a target, only, right?

Right, the Pi as a target. I think the IDE is definitely too heavy (and, at roughly 10x the cost of the hardware) too expensive to run on a Raspberry Pi.

But if you could write code on the Mac (or whatever those other platforms are) and actually have it run on the Pi, that would be deluxe.