Raspberry Pi 5 announced

You mean external USB storage? Not an option for me. We boot from onboard flash and run from onboard eMMC IIRC.

They make M.2 HAT for PI 4 and soon 5

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Problem is the M2 hat on 5 will only be PCI 2, and if making on Pi 4 then you can expect that to be even lower.

But better then SD in many cases :grin:

it costs almost 3 times, if there is no apple to apples contest, then the LattePanda Sigma is a better buy than the Orange and Raspberry

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I’m getting hungry :laughing:

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You are just looking at it in wrong store…

Orange Pi 5 Plus costs $89

you all try to justify your own purchase by saying it’s the best buy lol ? :slight_smile:

wondering what your doing with it,? since all people here have many comps, those comps are not very powerfull

i’m considering pi comps for network of debian servers, plus xojo works on pi too ! :slight_smile:, never tried tho, there hasn’t been lots of threads here about it,

I would prefer steak and kidney pie.

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That’s my exact consideration for an Orange Pi… with SSD. I need speed, storage space, in a cheap, multicore, fast, and low power hungry fanless solution.

This ^ uses USB, it kills the speed and the port. Just use something with the M.2 integrated and… done.