Raspberry Pi 4 64 Bit Support?

I saw some older posts about this, but didn’t find any recent answers.

I know that Xojo only compiles 32Bit for Raspberry right now. I’m considering purchasing a Raspberry Pi 4 8gb.

Is anyone running one of these with a different version of linux that perhaps Xojo could could compile for 64 bit Linux and be useable on the Pi?

It does ARM 64 and 32 already.

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I am using 32-bit for electronics gpio pin programs on the Raspberry Pi with Raspberry Pi OS.

I use 64-bit Raspberry Pi OS for graphics programs that use the additional memory above 4 mb.

So are you just compiling for 64Bit ARM Linux in Xojo and works with the Raspberry 64 Bit OS?

Yes, I compile 64-bit arm debian for 64-bit raspberry pi os.

Edit: added arm.

Note. Most of my work has been 32 bit with electronics. You will need to test 64-bit on the latest OS, just to be sure :blush:

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I’m just tinkering with Raspberry (a pi 3) right now. No particular need at this point. Just considering buying a 4 8gb model and wanted to make sure I can compile Xojo apps for it.


Hi Steve,

Ran a test to make sure it still works, and yes it works :slight_smile:

Raspberry Pi OS = Raspberry Pi OS (64-bit) - full version
Xojo = 2022r4.1
Xojo compile = ARM 64-bit


Edit: Raspberry Pi 4B 8 MB

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What xojo license do you have to compile?

I just tried with the same settings and it seems that the Xojo Pi license only works for 32 bit :confused:

Hi Ivan,

I have the Pro license and here is a screen grab of the options I have in Xojo:

Yeah, same options.

Maybe Xojo forgot to update the licences when they included the new target @Geoff_Perlman ?



Email hello@xojo.com

We originally were holding back on including this with the free Pi license but we gave the issue a fresh look and reconsidered. r1 will thus include support for Linux ARM64 in the free Pi license. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.