Raspberry file visible in GUI folders but not in terminal

Hello all,

A file that should not longer appear in a GUI window remains, however when searching the directory using terminal, it is not there.

Any idea what the cause is?

Perhaps it is a hidden file (often times the file name starts with a “.” dot). In terminal you can type “ls” to list files, and I (think) “ls -a” will display ‘all’ files - perhaps including hidden files.

Thanks for your response William.

Its not hidden. The GUI window shows a file that does not exist. The properties of the file, according to the GUI are 471K bytes. But when you open it with a text editor, it is blank.

Also the dir command in terminal shows nothing. BTW this file is one that I create and delete in my app…

A reboot clears it up, but I don’t want to do that all of the time!

Doe sthe GUI have a little “Refresh” icon in its file explorer, and if so, does clicking it make any difference?

Hi Tim,
There is a refresh method, but that does not make any difference…



Which terminal command do you use?
How do you present the file in the gui?

I wasn’t talking about any Refresh method.

Hello all,

The file does not exist.
Rebooting does remove it from the list that is shown in the gui