raspberry and sub directory Lib

When compiling the a raspberry application it creates a sub directory “applicationname (space) Lib”.

I am having issues with the space between the application name and Lib is there away to rename the sub directory without a space or
put the libraries in the application folder ?

Out of curiosity, what issue are you having with the space?
On Windows you can rename the directory just “Libs” and it works, but I don’t recall where this is documented - nor have I ever tried it on Linux.

You can rename the folder to just “Libs”, but like Tim I’m also curious what issue the space is giving you.

Hello William,

When the Raspberry Pi operating system attempts to run and application with a space, it believes that the user is trying to run a command, and not an executable.

Two possible solutions are to rename the file in the Xojo IDE like Paul mentioned, or when running the file enclose the executable in quotation marks so that the Operating System recognizes the space.

I new to the raspberry, but when i try to remove the directory or change to that directory i get command not found.

rmdir test Lib will not remove the directory even if it empty.

i have to use the desktop or ftp application to remove or make changes, but if it did not have a space i would not have these problems.

That’s a command line issue, not a Xojo issue.
You need to escape spaces in commands.

rmdir test\\ Lib


Thanks i am new to the raspberry. i mostly do windows development using clarion, i have been looking a xojo for a year now just recently decided to take the plung.