Range Viewer In Xojo

Just downloaded Xojo and i love it.
Have a good programming experience but i need sometime to get used to it.
I would to ask more experienced ones here how its possible to create something like that.

I want to divide a tab for example in 2 pieces. At the left i will give the user some variables to choose from and when the variables are choosed he will press a button and i want a grid/graph/range viewer like the one at the image to appear at the right.

Thanks in advance!

hierarchical listbox to the left, canvas to the right.
some code to deal with but definitely possible.

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Thank you for your reply. I will read some things about canvas to see what is the better way to do it.

You could also use a listbox for the right hand portion and handle the drawing of the cell backgrounds yourself in the Cell Background Paint event. There would be more fiddly bits about setting up the size of the cells and adding text and such, but if you needed it to be able to scroll then that would be built in.


Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: I will take some time to play with the things you said and i will post an update in some days.

agree with James, if you need to scroll or select cells in the right panel, then a listbox on the right would be better than a canvas.

The right part will be the solution to the left part variables. So the thing i want to do is choose variables at the lest side and get a different solution for each pair of variables.
I don’t know exactly how it i will work better but just giving you an idea.
For example i will have 3 variables at the left . y=5-10-15 x=bb btn sb etc.etc. when 5+sb is chosen it will give a solution. when 5+bb another one. etc.etc. So i will have to “draw/create its solution” separate i think :slight_smile: