Raise Flag Limit


I think by default the auto hide for flagged post requires 3 community members.

Is that limit changed?

Maybe 5 is a better threshold?

If the threshold is 1 or 2, someone could block the posts of an user easily by flagging them all.

Admins will restore a valid post, but I think the threshold is currently set to 1 and that’s definitely too low.

We are currently discussing changes to the flagging system to cope with this sort of issue.

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It was actually set to 3, not 1, but something isn’t configured right and we’re looking into it.

Could it be 3 flags be limited to people with member badge and not everyone?

These changes have been made.


If I may ask, what is the new rule?

We changed it to 5.


Today I answered a question about a plugin class. The OP asked about plugin, so it’s not and ad.

Still it got flagged.
And five people clicked flag there?
I wonder who that may be.

Or can I have higher Rang to unflag myself? Or get some other setting to hide my posts only if flagging gets confirmed?

Or add finally a disclaimer for your advertising Mails.

I’d do away with flagging posts altogether. If you don’t like repeated posts from a user then block them at your individual level, but this flag nonsense stops everyone else for seeing without having to pfaff about showing the post again .


The setting that was changed yesterday doesn’t seem to have been acknowledged by the forum software. We will take another look at it. In the meantime, I restored your post.

I second this.

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While disabling the Flag system would seem to solve the issue, it would also do two other things:

  1. Increase the workload of the moderators as we would have to read every message on every topic like we did on the old forum instead of users clicking a single button to help in maintaining the forum.
  2. Take away the ability of users to easily voice their concerns about posts.

I wouldn’t call it a good idea to throw away this potentially very helpful feature (helpful to both the moderators and you) because we just don’t have the settings correct yet. We’re working the problem and hope to have it addressed shortly.

Thank you all for your participation and patience.

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Everyone can read how flags work here:

In general for auto hiding, several flags from high level of users should be needed.

Yes, we’re currently reevaluating our settings which are, understandably, different from the default. More information as it becomes available.

We’ve now disabled the automatic hiding of posts based on user flags. Due to the weighted moderation system in use by Discourse, this was the best way to handle this for the scenarios we’ve been presented with and our user level settings. Users can still flag posts for moderator attention, but moderators will manually action posts as appropriate.

Thank you all for bearing with us while we sorted this out.


Ah ! I now see where the Flag button is.

Now, what would people say when using this flag ?