RadioGroup SelectionChanged Delay

This is probably the way things work but it gave me fits for a while trying to find why it was happening.

MY QUESTION : Some feedback would be appreciated if there is a better way to handle this type of scenario.

  1. I use the LostFocus event on various controls to do some “on the fly” editing during user input.
  2. I have a property called “EditGuard” that I set TRUE and test it in the LostFocus events for some circumstances to avoid the edits.
  3. My record selection is done from a Dialog that slides down over the Webpage and presents a list of various records in a ListBox. You click a record in the ListBox and then the SELECT button.
  4. The SELECT button in the Dialog calls the “Read A Record” Method in the underlying Webpage that updates the various Webpage controls then closes itself.
  5. At the end of the “Read A Record” method I turn off the EditGuard flag.
  6. It seems every control EXCEPT the RadioGroup controls observe the EditGuard flag because their SelectionChanged events happen very quickly.
  7. It seems the SelectionChanged event on RadioGroup controls is delayed for a while and fires AFTER the “Read A Record” Method completes.

My solution was to add a One Shot timer at the end of the “Read A Record” Method to turn off the EditGuard after a very short delay rather than when the Method finishes. This gives time for the RadioGroup controls SelectionChanged event to fire.

Is there a better way?