RadioButton Misbehavior

I have a GroupBox setup with 4 RadioButtons in it. They each have unique names and they are NOT in a control set.

At various times the 1st button in the list (first being relative as the sequence is not important) will at times seem to be disabled. The other 3 work as expected but nothing happens when I click the first button. I deleted it and re-added a new control just to see but with exact same results. The only event handler is the action event which just turns on an “Edit in Progress” flag.

Background: it’s a screen to create the Chart of Accounts for entering income and expenses. The radio buttons are “Income”, “Expense”, “Cost of Goods Sold” and “Header”

And what is the advantage of using a Control Set and Indexes as opposed to just naming the buttons uniquely? I sure hope you don’t say - because they work that way…


A Control Set allows you to shared the event handlers across all the controls, which may or may not be useful depending on your design. And a Control Set allows you to create new controls at run-time.

I’ve not heard of this Radio Button problem, though. What platform? Do you have a sample project that can demonstrate it?

I believe I have found the problem. There was possibly a very small amount of overlap on the buttons - I made the height of each a little less and enlarged the GroupBox and moved the buttons just a little further apart and it seems to have solved to problem.

A control set wouldn’t help in my current app but it may very well help A LOT in another situation.

Thanks Paul,