Radio buttons not recognizing parent group box

I have an application that runs perfectly in Xojo 2014R21. When opened in 2015R21 everything is fine except for one panel which has two group boxes and sets of radio buttons enclosed in each. The radio buttons recognize the group boxes in 2014R21 but totally ignore the group boxes in 2015R21. I have moved the group boxes forward and backward and tried all sorts of trick, but to no avail. The radio buttons now work with relation to the panel, and only one can be turned on at a time.

I am hoping there is a manual way to re-associate the radio buttons to the parent group button. Can anyone tell me how to do this?

Have you tried the trick of click on the radiobutton and use the arrow keys to move it one pixel and then back into position?


Yes- that has worked for me in the past, but did not work this time.


See <>

Workaround: Put your RadioButtons on a Canvas.

See also Feedback case #36638, might have some useful information in it.

I was never able to find a solution involving the IDE. However, I did find a programatic solution that may be helpful to those who have had the same problem. In the open event, I placed the following code:

am1_button.parent = groupbox1
pm3_button.parent = groupbox1
pm6_button.parent = groupbox1
mndo_button.parent = groupbox1

standard_repulsion.parent = groupbox3
quadratic_repulsion.parent = groupbox3

The above forced the first four buttons to be associated with groupbox1 and the last two to be associated with groupbox3. This was sufficient to get the buttons to work properly within the groupboxes. However, now when I started up, these buttons bled into the first tabpanel and were visible but could not clicked on. I had to add the following code to prevent bleed-through.

am1_button.TabPanelIndex = 2
pm3_button.TabPanelIndex = 2
pm6_button.TabPanelIndex = 2
mndo_button.TabPanelIndex = 2

standard_repulsion.TabPanelIndex = 2
quadratic_repulsion.TabPanelIndex = 2

The above combination took care of the problem. As I noted at the top, I could find no method of doing this within the IDE. But the above approach does work and fully solves the problem. This problem is only observed using Xojo 2015R2X.