Radio Buttons & Checkboxes

I noted that a year ago…someone requested that the text in a Radio Button could be a Color. Michael B suggested placing a Label over top of the text area to solve the problem. It appears that Web Styles (now?) apply to these controls and you can alter the TEXT part easily. Hard to believe it didn’t always work that way. Sometimes it doesn’t render well in the IDE…but whatever. Looks fine when you run the project. My suggestion is… how about the image part of these controls accept an alternate IMAGE for selected/unselected states. I’m trying to follow a style guide and aside from rolling my own control, which granted for these controls isn’t insurmountable…but why? I would make the property similar to the “app” icon. The standard code could handle flipping the states on click events and such. Let’s say I want my text to be a little bigger than the default size…and I want a matching scaled up radio button to boot. Then I could build square radio buttons if I wanted to…or round “checkboxes” with an “x” through them or whatever. Sure round “boxes” is an oxymornon but I could do it :stuck_out_tongue: - I could probably do this with some image wells… but it seems like this would extend the functionality in a nice way. Comments? The 3rd party classes that are out there like Jeremy’s “Custom UI” are…nice…but really don’t go far enough IMHO. I also thought it would be “nice” if I could somehow organize folders of images and web styles where the styles contained therein would have the same name as styles/images in other folders. Then I could activate a theme simply by setting style source = “foldername”. All controls that use commonly named web styles would all update at once. Never tried to do this in code with style name prefixes or whatever. Seems like the IDE could make this job easier and more intuitive.

Currently those controls inherit their appearance from the OS.

The OS that the browser runs on or the OS the web app runs on? If anything I figured it would be more tied to the browser.