Radio Buttons and Control Arrays

I have a few radio buttons in a group box.
If I creat another set of radio buttons, how to I group these such that a click in one set doesn’t effect the other set.
I heard about contol array, but can’t remember how to ‘make’ one.

control sets are created by naming the controls the same thing and Xojo adds an “index”

but that isn’t enough to make a radio group, each group needs to be inside a unique container (a canvas or group box is what I usually use) … (ie different “parents”)

Each set of Radio Btns needs to be placed within its own Group Box (if Canvas also works this way, this is fine).

They just have to have the same parent - groupbox, canvas, rectangle, containercontrol, etc.

Must you define an Action event for Each Radio Button or do you get a single handler for the group?

You get one handler per control or per control set, depending on how you created them