R3 & 2 MenuBars & Menu Shortcut for Quit changed

Desktop and MacOS.
I have 2 MenuBars and the location of Quit and the shortcut are changed.
Location: I have Quit under both the FileMenu and under the application.
Shortcut: Under the application menu it is correct: Cmd+Q
Under the first appearing MenuBar and window, the fileMenu has lost all of the shortcut - so not Q and not Cmd.
Under the FileMenu it has lost Cmd (so just Q is there) and is in fact the means to call Quit.

Has anyone else seen this?

Argh. It’s not that simple

On a Mac the item has to be “DesktopQuitMenuItem” for it to be moved to the bottom of the Application menu. If you convert perhaps it just became a “DesktopMenuItem”. I saw that with “DesktopPreferencesMenuItem” which only got converted to “DesktopMenuItem” and so moved. Changing the Super put it back were it was supped to be.

Thank you very much. That is the solution.
Neither of them were converted

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