Quoting not working anymore

Has anything changed in regards to quoting? It’s now happened a couple of times:

  • Select some text.
  • Click on the “Quote” that shows up.
  • Text is quoted in the new reply.
  • Write reply and click on “Reply”.
  • Quoted text is gone.

Just to test: If you can read “Quoted text is gone” then it is not gone…

Well, the first time it happened I thought I had a senior moment. But I just replied on a thread in testers and the quote disappeared.

So I’ve got the usual non-reproducible behaviour.

If you’re quoting the entire post directly above your reply, then the system should hide the quote. It’s always done this (and annoyed me sometimes), as far as I recall. Partial quotes shouldn’t be removed.

Sigh… You are correct, Anthony.

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