Quitting application in debugmode takes minutes

As I am running my application in debugmode and quit it as a user by just closing it’s main-window, I see in Windows taskmanager the debugMyApp.exe quits immediately, but it takes minutes before my IDE goes back to coding mode.
The project is quite large.
I did cleanup the xojo-cache.
Any idea what can be done to get rid of this behavior ?

Where is the project stored? Locally or on a mapped network drive or somewhere else?

Local SSD.

The exe might quit quickly and then the IDE cleans up after the exe has quit by removing all the files that were part of the debugged app. That’s what is taking the time.

Are any DLL’s that have been loaded into the system or other exe’s that are still running? This could slow things down a lot if there are.

Good point Jason. Will check on that.