Quicktime Dll's for windows

I know, I know… before anybody yells at me… yes I use Quicktime for my windows App.

However, I hate asking the user to install quicktime before they can use the software…

Is there anyway I can place quicktime Dll’s in different folders so I can access all the quicktime goodies without having to go thru the nasty quicktime installer?

  1. What are the dll’s (files) needed
  2. Where do they go?

I wouldn’t go there. Really. Quicktime is from Apple. You can’t just extract some files and distribute as yours. If your app needs Quicktime let your users install it.

lamest answer eve

You asked, didn’t you?

Yes - my app is not on the appstore… What about running a installer via innosetup? couldn’t find out how to do that yet.

I see nothing forbidden if you ask the user to install quicktime, download it with your software and launch the installer from your app.
but OP sorry I don’t have the answer !

maybe you can run Apple’s installer via command line, so user doesn’t notice. But that you would have to make sure the permissions allow it.

It may also work to have the DLLs in the same folder as the app. Not sure how much quickTime depends on registry keys.

As a user i would be “not so amused” if QT is installed on my Windows Machine without me knowing it.

Depending on what you are doing with QT, maybe VLC is an alternative? VLC allows you do distribute their librarys with your own software.

MBS Plugins provide AVFoundation (Mac), VLC (Cross platform) and QuickTime (Mac+Win) classes.

Well… A few caveats…
I use quicktime on both Apple and Windows and editable movie gets used a lot. I didn’t want to updgrade to anything past 4.1 as those capabilities got lost.
However, VLC is a great program. If that can be used for

  1. recording audio
  2. parsed like quicktime files to provide a waveform
  3. Have rate play (I know it does)
  4. Can chop up bits of audio and stitch them together again
  5. can run in the background via cmds from Xojo

then that might be a game changer!