Quicktime and Raw Sound Data

Hi everyone,

I have a bit of a problem: I’ve written a small application that streams sound over a network. It works all fine under OS X: the “broadcaster” extracts data using the SoundRawDataMBS written by Christian, and on receiver, I use QTSoundOutputMBS to feed the data. (Audio is 16 bit, with a 8000 sample rate)

It works wonderfully under OS X, but under Windows, I get “Quicktime Not Available” (even though Quicktime is installed) - I am using 2014 r2.1.

I know that Quicktime is deprecated, but it still works if I target Carbon on OS X, so why is it not working under Windows?
I would use an older version of Xojo, but I only have a 2014 license.

Any ideas on how I can get around this? I know nothing about the Windows API so I’m stuck.

Thank you,

  • Atesh

for the plugin, you need to use Xojo 2013 for QuickTime. With 2014 it’s not available on Windows.

Do you have or know any non-Quicktime plugins that can do the same?

As I’ve said, I don’t have a 2013 license. If there was a way to buy older licenses, I would, but I don’t think Xojo Inc provides them? (Or would my 2014 license just work on 2013?)

if you have current license, simply go to website and download older version.

you may do similar things with AVFoundation plugin.

Ah okay thank you!

I thought the licenses only work for the version you’ve bought. I’ll try it once I get home.

I would use AVFoundation but this app will run on mainly Windows (except for the broadcaster app)

Oops, I was right =/
I downloaded Xojo 2013 but even after logging in, it tells me that I need a desktop license to build the app.
Any ideas on how to make Xojo 2013 build with my 2014 license? (Or obtain a 2013 license?)

ask customer support.