Questions about windows shortcuts and app behavior

Good evening folks. I messed around with Xojo a couple of times in the past but decided to give it a better go this time since the .NET world (and web programming in general) seems to continually get convoluted with more and more frameworks and options. I’ve been working through the tutorial - no major problems. But, I have noticed a couple of behavior issues.

  1. When using the “pressed” event in the web app, it only works if I actually click the item with the mouse. I would think from both the documentation and standards that hitting “enter” on the keyboard would work also. The Flag App example the hour glass must be clicked to call the event. The return key doesn’t kick off the event. Is this normal? There doesn’t appear to be a separate event for keyboard return, only for pressed.

  2. I’m running a Win 10 laptop. Within the IDE, standard keyboard shortcuts in the windows environment, specifically CTRL-V (paste), doesn’t function within the IDE, although right click of the mouse does. Is this standard for Xojo?

Thanks in advance.

I can’t find the Flag App example. Is it in Examples/Web/… ?

Basically what you do is add a WebTextField, a Default Button and a Cancel button, when you are typing in the WebTextField and you hit Enter/Return then the Default Button Pressed event will fire. If you hit Esc, then the Cancel Button Pressed event will fire.

This is strange and I haven’t seen a report for this before. I use mac so I can’t test.

Thanks. This is what I was testing:

Not sure what the deal on why enter doesn’t trigger the pressed event. Perhaps a browser (Firefox) quirk. Ill try chrome tonight. The control-v issue was just me. I’ve only had the laptop for a week and the control key is slightly different location. Consequences of typing fast.