Questions about web version of Xojo - considering purchase

I’m considering picking up the web version at the discounted price. I’ve been using the desktop for about a year.

  1. Can I create apps to use on WordPress Websites?
  2. Do I need the Xojo Cloud to make this stuff work?
  3. Can I recompile apps written for the desktop and target web? I’m assuming some stuff won’t be supported and tweaks/changes will be needed

I’ve been using WordPress for several years, XoJo for about a year as mentioned and I have a programming background.

Any other feedback and suggestions would be great.


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If your WordPress website is hosted on a server that you have control over, yes. If you are thinking about hosting or managed / shared hosting where you are not provided command line access, then no.

No, Xojo Cloud is their one-click-done solution. You are able to host Xojo Web apps on your own Linux, Mac, or Windows server. I make a tool called Lifeboat that helps set up Linux servers. There are also a handful of tutorial articles floating around if you are interested in learning about all the moving pieces.

No, you will need to start a new Web project. You can use existing logic code, but code for interface items may need tweaks.

Happy coding!


If you mean integrate with wordpress, NO, unless you make a page with an iFrame where you include your webapp

What tim said

MOST stuff is not supported, controls have limited events, you have to consider the roundtrip to the server for interactions, in most cases you have to redesing the entire GUI to adapt it

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Thanks Tim. Your answers are as I expected, which is fine. :slight_smile:

Thanks Ivan!

So if I create and put on my hosting account, will the app be accessed via a link created by XoJo?

That would be a feature of Xojo Cloud, the ability to publish straight to the web from the IDE. If you don’t want to set up your own server, Xojo Cloud is the easiest of all the options.

Managing your own server, you would build an executable from the IDE just like you would a Console or Desktop application. Xojo has two documentation pages about deployment if you want to learn about this. At the bottom of the documentation pages are related topics that can take you to platform specific instructions.

Deployment overview
Deployment details

If you use a Linux VPS at common provider (like Lightsail or Digital Ocean), I recommend Lifeboat. I built it so that deploying a Xojo Web app could be as easy as drag and drop. I use it myself to manage my servers. I don’t mean to be spammy, but I really think it’s a great app.

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Be sure to pause and let that sink in :wink:

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And remember that when doing development. Debugging on your machine all of the interactions are darn near instantaneous. It’s worthwhile, IMO, to do create a build on a server (not in your office) to see the difference in latency.


I agree. I never build my websites locally, I do it on the server. It totally makes sense to do it the same with with XoJo.

Actually it is the oposite. In other languajes, like PHP, you can edit a script in the server. But to debug in the server with xojo, you have to:

  • Compile the app
  • Kill the previous instance
  • Upload the new binary (several mb)
  • Assign privileges to the file
  • Run the file

It is easier to do it locally using the developper tools in chrome, you can do a realistic debug adding some throttling.


You install the remote debugger and once setup, project, run remotely.

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Does your Lifeboat work with other providers? I already pay for a hosting account with many options, lots of space, etc. and I have a lot of control being able to setup domains, subdomains, set things like A records, DNS records, etc. The support staff at the company usually will do things if I can’t through their tools, but that hasn’t really been an issue for me.

I do think it would be nice to be able to create some nice web apps in XoJo, but I don’t want to have it over complicated and I just can’t justify the cost of the Xojo Cloud so that’s not an option.

What do you think?

This is what Tim said:

It looks like you use a hosting company that can help you do things, so I think that Lifeboat will not work for you.

I prefer to use Lifeboat with a Digital Ocean droplet than trying to make the Xojo Web App work with a managed host service provider.


Thanks to all that have replied. With my current schedule, I’m not sure I’ll have the time to mess around with getting it to work with my current hosting company and I’ll still have to get familiar with creating web projects with XoJo.

For now, I’ll create some web projects for testing locally. When I get to a point where I have something I wish to compile and deploy, I’ll re-investigate purchasing the web license and hopefully there will be another sale at or near that time. I know they have the 90 Day money back guarantee, I just don’t think I’ll be able to do that testing I need to make a decision by then.

Thanks again!

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That sounds perfect Steve. If you need some help, just ask =)

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Ricardo, thanks a bunch. Much appreciated!

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