questions about uploading, storing, and displaying pictures

hi all
I have some questions about uploading, storing, and displaying pictures.
How to upload pictures on web pages and display them with WebImageView.
Does someone else has these problem.

What you want is WebFileUploader.

Save the file to the server, create a WebFile that points to that file and then set the WebImageView’s URL property to the URL of the WebFile. Just remember to store the WebFile in a property that will stick around (on the Session or in. A Module) so it’ll be available when the browser requests it.

Also take a look at the example project as it shows how to upload and display pictures:


But why does this example run incorrectly on my win7 system?

Can you be more specific?

WebFileUploader is not successful on win7 system,but mac can work

Win 7 as server or as client?

server. And, can WebImageView display .bmp files?

Only if the OS itself is capable of displaying bmp files. It would be better to use png or jpeg though, they are more universally supported.

I want to convert DICOM files to .bmp files on web pages

That’s fine… as long as you’re aware that they may not appear on every OS. BMP is a fairly old picture format.

ok ,thanks for your answer, I try

@Greg O’Lone Can you explain your first answer more concretely?