Questions about the XDC Videos

As a non-attendee to XDC I’m still interested in the content and have a question about the quality and production? Are the recordings good (showing slides and the audio is audible most importantly)? Are the for download or streaming? Are 5 minute demos available?

I have bought conference videos from other companies and it has been hit or miss and expensive lessons in some cases.

The quality of video and sound is excellent and slides are perfect as recorded direct from computer. No demos available and they can be downloaded in high or standard quality as well as streamed.

Well, an idea would be for Xojo to release the keynote video for free on Youtube …

The keynote is different, picture in picture, so you see both Geoff and his slides.


OK, thank y’all.
As said - I have been burned on a $699 conference video package of “from-the-back-of-the-room” recordings with crappy audio, chairs scraping and all other sounds from the audience.