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hello I would like to start a new project in xojo, since in this project I will have to try many with the reports, I thought of integrating them by doing them with “Valentina Studio” the question I ask myself, I saw that Valentina has an excellent idea to easily create reports. But once you have saved the files then you can read them in xojo and print them.

The question is the following, but what if my xojo users using my app need to be able to change the report interface. Do I have to download and valentina studio or is there a plugin to be able to change a graphical interface level?

I hope some of you have run into the same problem.

Yours sincerely

You might want to ask on the Valentina forum.

I wrote here to understand if maybe there is a third-party plugin, I saw that the valentina plugin is more related to the press. or the modification in runtime, but nothing related to the possibility of modifying the interface using ide, or giving the possibility to do it using interface!

From within Xojo you can run Valentina reports, even passing arguments, but you can’t modify them. I know, I already asked them the question.

I must add that modifying reports is not an easy task for users. But if that’s what you wish, in this post Report tools recommendation - Getting Started - Xojo Programming Forum one talk about NCReport Qt Report Generator Library & Report Designer ( and explains how it is liked to Xojo.

There is Bkeeney Shorts 2.0, see varcess that has a report designer.

Does anyone have any experience of integrating NCReport with Xojo other than using Shell ?


other solution approach is to separate the app and the reporting.
so the user use a reporting server which have usually a web interface.