Question regarding using new releases

I see that 2016 r1.1 was just released and find it is so much faster compiling my current Web app project when contrasted with 2016 v1. I’d like to use this version for that reason alone, but am not familiar with Xojo enough to know if developers trust new releases for production code as soon as such releases show up. With Filemaker, I would always wait a couple weeks before jumping in like that. How do developers here handle new releases of Xojo?

ok… with FM you would wait a few weeks… for what? for them to tweak any “bugs”?
well that is what 16.1.1 IS, a tweek… 16.2 will be the next release … sometime in the future…
so no use waiting… nothing is going to change… unless perhaps a 16.1.2 is required…

The releases go through internal testing, Alpha Testing, and then Beta Testing before being released for everyone. They’re pretty safe to use and I wouldn’t bother waiting. :smiley:

Point releases like 2016 Release 1.1 are typically safer than major releases like 2016 Release 1 because the point releases are primarily bug fixes with no new features. Despite Alpha and Beta testing prior to all releases, bugs persist. In most cases, those bugs are minor, impact a small number of users and can be worked around if necessary. My experience since 2007 is that most releases, including major releases, are stable and worthy of immediate use. That said, compiling and thoroughly testing your apps are important tasks after every new release of every software development tool, not just Xojo.

Thanks for the replies. When I said I’d usually wait for a week or two with a Filemaker release (including point releases), I meant I would peruse the forum for nightmare reports during that time, and then upgrade absent such reports. But this release is so much faster in Web app compiling for me (seconds instead of minutes), I’m using it. It’s testing out fine with all my attempts to break my recent Web app. And, under version control, I’ve taken care to clearly demarcate when code was exposed to it.

Experience is what you ask.

Since REALbasic 1.0 (great opa of Xojo)… I think there was only one “bad” release that stayed only one day (two ?) available for downloading.

So, yes, use it at will.

That said, no one will rant about you if you download a new version, maka a copy or your precious project and make an intensive debug of that new version. Then, if nothing strange happens to you, use the new version for work.

Never ever do such an update without testing your software. It’s mostly the small stuff that give these nasty surprises.

Before new year I updated the database that my app uses. Unfortunately, I noticed after the release that some fields ended up in chinese characters because of a change in default encoding. It’s been quite a while since I had so much fun. Thanks the gods most customers hadn’t updated.

Exactly what I did before deciding to use the new version for work.