Question on reverting back to 2017r3

Now that I see a major problem here:

I’d like to know if I can just recompile with 2017r3 and start working with it with 2017r3 from this point forward. Is there something I need to be aware of if I do that?

As long as you haven’t used any features that were added after 2017r3, you should be fine.


If I use 2017r3 to load a project that was developed with 2018r3, and tell Xojo it’s okay to convert it to a 2017r3 project, can I safely assume that it would warn me if it sees anything in there that’s specific to a version of Xojo later than 2017r3? When I just did it, the conversion went fine and my version control software reported only a change in the Xojo version number in the xojo_project file (as expected), and no change in any other file.

If there was a problem, it wouldn’t compile.

That’s what I was hoping. I reverted back to 2017r3 and all is well.