Question on Properties and hexcode and computed property

Some years ago, I wanted to create a property for the TAB character and it was suggested I use hex.
Because of some internal problem I had to make it a computed property.

So has it changed, or do I still need to have for my Tab property a get?

The code might be D2Sep (the tab property)

get = Return &u09 //Value of Tab or Chr(9)

You can also define a constant within your method, something like:

const kTab as string = &u9

Otherwise, yes, a computed property is easiest.

Thanks. Does it have to be a computed property. In other words, if I put that hex in the uhmm definition would there be problems?

The “uhmm definition”?

Sorry. A kid is on my computer. I can’t remember what it’s called. The third line down on a normal not computed property. Maybe it’s value

I’m still not sure what you mean, but a computed property is still easiest.

I think your talking about: Default

I finally remembered what it was.

At the time I couldn’t put a hexcode in a constant without having it screw up.

I just tested it and it doesn’t work.

I also know that putting &u09 in the default value you get “&u09” and not .