Question on browsers

I’m not to knowledgeable on browsers so perhaps someone could provide some insight. I make a browser similar to the example given by Xojo; it’s a limited features browser that I can connect to the Internet and go to web sites like Amazon and LLBean and everything seems to work well. I connect to the Internet using a company like Cablevision or Charter. I have opened Chrome or Internet Explorer. My question: Is this a “secure” browser in that neither Google or Microsoft are not in anyway connected to my browser?

Your help and insight is appreciated. Thank you.

If you leave it on “Native” renderer, it uses a compatibility mode of IE’s rendering engine (throw back to IE6 or something)… If you use “WebKit” renderer, your application will also include the CEF DLL (Chromium Embedded Framework) and will use that for rendering (can actually handle HTML5 and is the better choice)…

Regardless of the renderer chosen, it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the other browsers you have installed (all those browser features are handled by the browser and not the rendering engine)…

That’s not entirely accurate. The site can override this by using a meta tag in the header to tell the browser which version to use. A value of “Edge” gets you the latest version on the device.

Hey, that is neat :slight_smile:

Is it possible to set that in a Desktop app from within ? What tag is it ?

And if it is not too much asking, would it be possible to use that in a Xojo Web app ?