Question About Valentina Studio Add Ons

Hi! I would like to hear as many opinions as possible about using Valentina Studio Pro, and the Valentina Studio Add-Ons for XOJO. I currently use the free version of Valentina, but am considering upgrading to Pro - and also considering the Add-Ons that work with XOJO for Database Management and for Reporting. I like the free version, however, I’m not crazy about their documentation. I prefer products with good documentation, especially if I get the Add-On components. I’m not super techy any more, so I really rely on good documentation to help me get started - so I’m a little skeptical based on the documentation I have seen from them so far. There is documentation, but its pretty high level, and doesn’t always include the details (step by step help) that I like to see.

If you are a Valentina Studio (and XOJO Add On) user, please let me know what you think! Thanks!!!

Hi, I use Valentina Studio Pro and it is very useful but it has its limitations. If you want to access an encrpyted sqlite database you must look elsewhere. In these cases I use the free sqlite manager from

Thanks for the input Daniel. I do not use encrypted db’s, so that is not an issue. I am basically wanting to make DB and reporting functions easier and more powerful within XOJO.

For documentation, are you referring to this? Yes, in some places it can be sparse, but it does contain a lot of information. There’s also the forum where they usually respond quickly.

I only use the reports feature, as I don’t have any projects that would benefit enough from switching to their DB to be worth the effort of converting. The reporting engine is very powerful once you learn the idiosyncrasies of it.

When it comes to reporting, I use BKeeney Shorts because you get a report designer which you can ship to your users so that they can change reports as well. It is even more powerful when using xojo script in the reports. This way you can extend the possibilities by yourself. You can save the reports in your own database and do not depend on a third party because you get the sources. Because of that you can extend it to whatever you like.

But as always it depends on your needs…

Thanks for the link Jay. That is different from the one I had used before. It looks like the same format and style, but I will check it out.