Question about save dialog box

Hi All.

Silly little question here…
Why do we have to put a file type in a save dialog box?

From the examples supplied:

f = FolderItem.ShowSaveFileDialog(myTextDocuments.myTextFiles.Extensions, “”+URLField.text+"")

I have tried creating a file group type for text, but even when I have text files, they aren’t “enabled”. They can be selected and overwritten, but they are grey (I’m on Mac with Catalina)


There’s bugs with file type that make it so this is how I always do save / open dialogs:

var ftMyFile as new FileType
ftMyFile.Name = "My File Type"
ftMyFile.Extensions = ".mft"

var oSave as new SaveAsDialog
oSave.Filter = ftMyFile
oSave.SuggestedFileName = "My Great File.mft"

var fDestination as FolderItem = oSave.ShowModal
if fDestionation = nil then return

// Saving code goes here

I tend to find the shortcuts bite.