Question about licenses

  1. The Pro Version ($699) says that you can develop iOS Applications BUT you need MAC.
    Does that mean I need to buy a MAC Computer ? I run in Windows 10 normally - never owned a MAC.

  2. If I buy this version (The Pro Version - $699) can I start to develop WEB 2.0 applications as a Tester (or are all the Tester placements full or expired)

  3. I understand that the License provides upgrades for 12 months - that’s why I have been holding off buying. Also need to have access to Android development. I know you cannot commit to a delivery date for Android release, so I am guessing I should wait until you actually release Android, before committing to purchasing.

My short to long term needs require all the above


My 2 cents.

Don’t count on anything new arriving during a specific license period… Despite the best plans/intensions , software delivery dates can slip a long time.

That said, you can start developing what you need in what has been released without buying a license.

If web is critical for you, then once Web 2.0 is released, start developing in that. If you find it meets your immediate needs, then buy a license when you get to the point you actually need to test a deployed web app for performance etc.

That way you maximize what you get for your money.


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I thought I saw reference to Testers having access to the WEB 2.0 Testing Development - Is that right ?


You need currently a Mac to build Mac apps as the linker for macOS doesn’t run on Windows. Xojo Inc. is trying to get it to work.

But you may need a Mac anyway to try your app and verify it works, get it code signed, packaged and notarized for distribution.

You may want to buy a new or used Mac for this.

The Pro version allows you easily to enter Tester channel and download latest prerelease software to try and report issues with Feedback app.

If you like to buy a license now for Mac projects, please do so.
If you can wait, you may just buy when the next sale is, e.g. Black Friday.

Android may come sooner or later and if you buy now, that could be included. I really hope they can release something end of year or in spring for the new conference to have sessions about it.

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it is not just a mac to build apps, see also the store terms for developers.
a small mac mini should be ok.
myself joined last year and i thought one year for android is enough …
in the meantime have a look at b4a.
Web 2 took a long time, maybe end this year cou can count on it.

Thanks for your interest guys - I guess I just need to wait

I would also suggest waiting. Buy it when it has the features you need at that exact moment in time because you can’t depend on them being released or fixed during your 12 month update period.

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True, but since Web 2.0 is not yet released, things may change , and will. The Beta lets you test and help Xojo find issues as learning the new API in advance. But I am not sure it’s a good decision to stat developing a solution that early.

You could use a VM
But there ARE tools that ONLY work on a macOS computer that you need so be even moderately productive like the simulators that ship with Xcode

Based on the past and my experience, “though” is not enough / slip arise too often, unfortunately.

George: do not wait, do what you have to do if you have signed contract(s)

api 1 → 2 came between somehow unexpected …


Once and what debacle…

What about Xojo 2020r1 ? And today is August 22, 2020… One release each 3 monts… go figure.

Look at past release dates…


A VM running Mac on a Windows computer? As far as I know, that’s not legal.

Oh I’m sure it violates Apple TOS or EULA but I can guarantee you people do it

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i remember that apple want that developers use a real mac for compile & test apps which make sense partly.

How serious can you be if you do not make tests on the target real hardware/software (whatevet it is) ?

Can you trust someone who never do that ?

Running an illegal copy of Windows on a Mac or in a VM on a Mac is just as illegal and i guess there are far more Macs running an illegal copy of Windows than the other way around.

you can’t have all os versions on one real pc and emulatos never worked 100%.
i guess most people just test on current/last os version.

my lessons learned from android, every phone manufacturer have different os branch.
each phone/tablet behave different and you can not make sure one app run at all devices.
and each android major release need care.
if you think all is fine, the next surprise comes soon.
that is a horror scenario if you get bad valuations in store because of this trouble.
google made also some new next level api classes …
the android device emulator take alot of hd space and is not like a real hardware.

  1. Yes, you need a mac. Even if other tools allow you to develop on Windows and test in a real device, Xojo decided no to support this, you cant even open an iOS in the Windows version of Xojo.

  2. It depends if Xojo gives you the tester access.

  3. you really should download and test the capabilities. To this date, Xojo iOS does not have out of the box the features I need in my apps.

Try to use the right tool for each need, I use Xojo for desktop, other tool for Androd and iOS