QR code Generator In Xojo?

Is there any free plugins or sample code in Xojo that allows for the creation of QR codes?

Free? not that I know of

Check Einhugur Einhugur or MBS https://www.monkeybreadsoftware.com/

Not free, but there’s BarcodePlugin from Einhugur

The plugin also has QRCode generator that can generate QRCode as bitmaps or as vector files

There’s a JavaScript qrcode generator out there that you could display in an html viewer with f that’d work. I’d have to dig it out though.

I’ve used this javascript library. Do as Greg mentioned, use a HTMLViewer


Then you use the javascript method generateQRCode to load data. Create WebFiles with the CSS and they above javascript library. Replace the @CSS@ placeholders with the URLs from the WebFiles. Don’t think you need jQuery in Web2 as the HTMLViewers are no longer run inside iframes


Thanks All, I’ll check it out.

Your URL is mangled. Clicking on it just attempts to go to QRious.com. Copying and pasting the link works, however.

I didn’t know QR codes were publicly documented and could be created by anyone. I can’t wait to discover how they are made.

Thanks for the link!

Zint, on Windows, but will work on other OS.

zint\zint --notext -b 3 --height=40 -o out1.png -d 999999999999

I call a batch file and then read the png.


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free weeks ago a team mate found a qr code generator in a single delphi .pas file.

I get the office to go to the GraffitiSuite Web demo page and generate their own QR codes:


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