Q: What are these icons in File Type Group Editor?

I was foolng around in the File Type Group Editor (FTGE) and saw some icons (above the large Icon), but no explanation found in the LR:

This appeared when I dropped a Folder (and a zip archive file too) on the FTGE. [error ?]

A second Icon was added (with green ?), but I was not able to find what file I used when I wanted to copy/paste it here.

This one is from a .sqlite file, after I checked the “File type is unique to ths application” CheckButton (still searching to display the green small icon). [warning ?]

At last, I dropped three .jpg files and get 3 new file types for .jpg. Save apply if you drop more than once the ame file. Not really important (I think), but a test and a reject if the file type already exists will be nice.


BTW: I read this entry

The stop sign
appears when “File type is unique to this app” is checked.

A bad choice of icon imo, because it makes you think that there is some kind of error, when in fact there is not.


Hover your cursor over the icon. It’ll tell you what’s wrong. Most likely it’s saying that you haven’t defined an icon.

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Ah, thanks. Learn something new every day :slight_smile:

Screen Shot 2021-07-17 at 1.37.30 PM

It’d be super-handy if you could just tell it to use the application’s icon instead of having to load it into the FTGE all over again.

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Thank you.

Makes sense. I was fooling around, not working, so I do not pasted any icon :wink: .

Have a nice Sunday.

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