Python scrip

is it possible to include a Python script in Xojo like a dll? And call functions? If not how can I handle Python scripts with Xojo best?

You could take a look at Einhugur Software they have a Python Plugin for Xojo, might be something that can help you

Python Plugin

You can use a simple shell script. But as with the Python plugin you need to be sure that Python is installed.

Would not the Shell fail also if Python engine is not there?
I guess unless you build the Python into an executable
Been some time since I tried the Plugin but I thought it had ways to test for Python success or failure

Yup. The shell would fail, too. It’s been a couple of years since I tried using Python. But it was a big pain to make a Python app.

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With a shell it’s working, I tried it. But I searched for a more comfortable way like using dll’s.