pyDog listbox

Has anyone used the pyDog list box replacement? Looks really nice.

You mean piDog? Yes, it’s awesome :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Works like a charm on macOS. Had also good results on Windows, but did not use it so much on Windows.
I can highly recommend it. Support is also great and Apple has no Issues with it when using it in App Store Apps.

I like the demo. It’s very polished … thanks for the feedback

I’ll vouch for it too. I first got it because of a couple specific needs, but then keep finding more uses for features it has. It is VERY nice, and Jim (the developer) is very responsive. And has even implemented several things at my request.

I can HIGHLY recommend it – I use it more on macOS then Windows, but I have some Windows users on it too. I have not personally used it on Linux, but that is due to not having the need arise yet. I know he supports it.

Also a user of it, works very well !

thanks everyone. in the demo the cells in the rows can be their own controls, like drop down boxes, date pickers, progress bars etc. Is all this built in?

Yes, but you can also use ContainerControls in Cells and thus making the possibilitys endless :slight_smile:

Look at the demo sources. You can actually put in a container control and design any combination of controls you like. It also has LOTS more events where you can perform drawing or other actions. And for dynamic data, you can use a “DataSource”. There is no end to what you can do with this thing…

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