Putting data in client clipboard

This probably is not possible due to security concerns, but is it possible to populate the client clipboard in a WE app?

I have some data in a listbox like address, email, phone number and the like and my client would like an easier way to get the data. They were thinking right-clik on the row and have the contextual menu show ‘copy address’ and it would be placed in the clipboard.

I suspect that this is not possible programmatically. Any thoughts on this one?

There really isn’t a way in modern browser to do so, short of some Flash trickery. If you want to go down that road, you could use something like this approach:


Thanks, Travis. I think if I redesign the UI a bit I can get what they want without having to resort to trickery.

for more workarounds, see also: feedback://showreport?report_id=13742

Can we vote to raise the priority of this? It is easy for me to right click and copy/paste between web and desktop in so many apps I use - I don’t feel like my apps can be viewed as current if I can’t offer this to my users.

Is it really not possible to have this capability via the framework?

Has anyone accomplished this outside of the framework?