PushButton issues

On Windows and Mac, the PushButton’s are looking normal, but on Linux, they are somehow cut at the bottom.
It does not matter where they are on the window, they are always looking bad.
I just installed Linux Mint, so there is nothing else installed by me.

Can anybody give me some clue what I might be doing wrong?

SubClass the Pushbutton, set them to that new subclass and set in that Subclass .Open the textSize value to some points less (determine what vlue is best for your eyes).

Look here https://blog.xojo.com/2014/05/14/control-sizes-on-linux

I don’t use Linux but maybe this has something to do or there is a way to make it work there:

Nothing… it’s just that GTK3 requires Controls to have a .Height of 29 or 30.

And… there is a pinned Thread on the Linux channel: GTK3 Theming modGTK3
That should help, too. Especially if you want the Control Height’s smaller but still look ok on TargetLinux.